Laurie And Michael Come Face To Face On Spooky New Halloween Poster


40 years after Michael Myers first terrorized babysitters on All Hallow’s Eve, The Shape is back in Haddonfield, Illinois, and so is his frequent target, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Yes, horror fans are counting down the days until Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel hits cinemas, and this new poster teases the epic confrontation that’s to come between the serial killer and the woman who’s been waiting for him all these years.

In order to get back to what made John Carpenter’s original so effective, 2018’s Halloween is wiping out every single sequel from continuity and is only following up on the events of the 1978 movie. So, that means Laurie and Michael are no longer siblings, a decision made to add some mystery and menace back to the Shatner mask-wearing murderer. For those somewhat miffed by this move, though, don’t worry, as there will still be lots of easter eggs to these excised entries in the franchise.

This will also be Curtis’ first Halloween appearance since 2002’s Resurrection. In this new continuity, Laurie’s been waiting 40 years for Michael to return and has trained herself to be ready for the moment that he does. The iconic actress has previously spoken about how, tough as she may be, Laurie’s still suffering from PTSD due to her traumatic experience as a teenager, and so has become obsessed with stopping Michael.

As damaged as she is, Laurie’s obsession turns out to be useful when her nightmare escapes from his asylum (they really need to improve the security at that place) and comes after her and her family once again. As such, Laurie Strode will, as the poster puts it, face her fate when Halloween slashes onto the silver screen on October 19th.