Lea Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes And Several Others Will Return For Bond 25


As usual, we’re stuck with referring to the next James Bond movie as, well, Bond 25 until Eon Entertainment reveals the official title at a press conference. On the plus side, though, it’s great knowing the next installment in the beloved spy series is back on track now that Cary Fukunaga is occupying the director’s chair – even if the flick has been forced to endure a slight delay.

So, even though Daniel Craig is giving it at least one more go as 007, one can never be entirely certain of his supporting cast. Fortunately, Fukunaga was quite forthcoming in a recent interview and, in Cinema Blend’s words, confirmed “that not only will Lea Seydoux’s Dr. Madeline Swann be coming back, but also Ralph Fiennes’s M, Ben Whishaw’s Q, and Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny.”

In this direct quote from the filmmaker, he explains his sound reasoning:

“You have some of the best actors in the world here. Why wouldn’t I have the best coming back?!”

James Bond

Factoring in how Fukunaga did previously say he wants to continue the arc established by Craig’s iteration of Bond in previous films, this makes a whole lot of sense. Plus, it’s kind of hard imagining James not being surrounded by the likes of M, Q and Moneypenny.

When it comes to Swann, however, her return is a bold move. Really, “Bond Girls” tend not to get invited back because the title character isn’t known for settling down. Well, he did get married in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, though Tracy was swiftly murdered by Blofeld thereafter, thus leading to a revenge quest in Diamonds Are Forever. Similarly, Vesper Lynd’s demise in Casino Royale directly influenced the plot of Quantum of Solace.

That said, things don’t bode so well for Madeline when Bond 25 opens in theaters on February 14th, 2020.