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Leaked Avengers 4 Set Photos Tease New Looks For The Heroes

Infinity War is now on home video and though its sequel won't be arriving until later next year, the onslaught of Avengers 4 rumors is already becoming too much to bear.

Infinity War is now on home video and though its sequel won’t be arriving until later next year, the onslaught of Avengers 4 rumors is already becoming too much to bear.

By our calculations, there are currently 238 days standing between now and the fourth movie for the titular supergroup, and despite Marvel’s best efforts, it’s all but guaranteed that some of the pic’s story beats will be spoiled ahead of time. But we live in hope, as Joe and Anthony Russo managed to keep much of Infinity War‘s plot under lock and key until it hit the big screen.

For Avengers 4, though, it seems time travel has emerged as the most plausible theory of how our heroes will go about reversing the damage done in the last film, and that’s backed up by this most recent batch of set photos. Courtesy of Just Jared, the leaked pics can be seen via the link below and seemingly tease some new looks for our heroes.

If you head on over to JJ, you’ll see that Chris Evans (Captain America), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) have all been spotted on the set of next May’s sequel and they look quite different from when we last saw them. For one, Cap’s freshly shaved and more in line with how he appeared when we first met him, while Natasha’s sporting long, strawberry blonde hair, which again confirms some kind of time travel escapades are at play. That, or there’s been a time jump. And as for Scott Lang, his appearance hasn’t changed that drastically, but you could say he’s looking a little less disheveled.

Though these set pics don’t reveal much more than that, it’s clear that our heroes will be in a very different place from where we left them in Infinity War and with reshoots on Avengers 4 set to continue for the next little while as the Russos work to tweak the ending – according to Mark Ruffalo, that is – we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any additional photos that may surface.

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