Leaked Avengers: Endgame Image Teases Iron Man’s New Mark 85 Suit


Based on all we’ve seen and heard, Avengers: Endgame might well be Iron Man’s swan song in the MCU, but if Tony Stark’s journey is nearing its end, then we can hopefully expect him to go out in style.

That’s the vibe we’re getting from this latest promotional image leak, which comes us via the Twitter account of MarvelFlix. And while it’s yet to be confirmed whether this artwork is legit, this isn’t the first alleged leak we’ve seen of Robert Downey Jr.’s character dressed in a red and gold outfit, with the costume previously drawing comparisons to the Mark 85 armor from the comic books.

What’s more, the outfit seems to line up with another image that emerged online last year that potentially showed a second layer to the design, as though the gold parts of the costume had been stripped away to reveal the wiring beneath. That being said, even if we assume all this material to be authentic, it’s likely that an array of slightly varying designs have circulated behind the scenes, making it a somewhat dubious game to try to match up one piece of leaked artwork with another.

Regardless, before Tony can get into his next outfit, he’ll presumably have to escape his lonely drift through space, and since we can safely assume that Iron Man isn’t going to spend his final film slowly suffocating to death in a spaceship, the matter of how exactly Stark will make it back to Earth was arguably the biggest question that the film’s first trailer left us with. Naturally, the fans have their theories, but all will be revealed when Avengers: Endgame hits theater on April 26th, 2019.

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