First Black Widow Set Video May Reveal When The Film Takes Place


Even though the hype from Avengers: Endgame is just beginning to die down, it seems like Marvel is already moving ahead with a handful of other projects. Not only is Spider-Man: Far From Home due out in a little over a month, but it looks like the House of Mouse has begun shooting the upcoming Black Widow movie.

Earlier this week, fans spotted production trucks for “Blue Bayou” outside of a small lakeside town in Norway. We recently learned that “Blue Bayou” is the working title of the spinoff, and it seems the Norwegian scenes will provide some background for Black Widow’s childhood.

Aside from the production equipment though, Scarlett Johansson herself was seen on set, and a few observant fans noticed her peculiar hairstyle. While Black Widow is largely thought to be a prequel film, some are speculating now the movie could actually take place in between Infinity War and Endgame. And the below video seems to lend credence to that.

This theory is based on the fact that her hair color here is oddly reminiscent of the one seen after the events of Thanos’ destructive snap. In the five years before the remaining Avengers reunited to pull off the time heist, it’s clear that Nat, Rhodey, Nebula, Rocket, and Captain Marvel continued to fight evil, both on and off Earth, and ScarJo’s hero sported a similar hairstyle to the one in the above video.

Nothing’s been confirmed by Disney or Marvel just yet of course, but if the newfound theory rings true, there’s a chance that Black Widow (or at least, part of it) could take place after Infinity War. The House of Mouse has yet to even officially confirm the film’s production though, so fans will just have to be patient as we wait for an official announcement and plot synopsis. Personally, we’re hoping we’ll finally get to find out what happened in Budapest.