Leaked ‘Morbius’ post-credit scene explained

Two mysterious post-credit scenes have been leaked from the ending of Daniel Espinosa’s new film, Morbius. Those who have had the pleasure of partaking in early screeners of the highly anticipated latest Marvel installment, hoping for Easter eggs, got much more. According to ScreenGeek, the two scenes “are essentially set-ups for future movies in which Vulture and Morbius are working together.”

“The first post-credits scene features Adrian telling Morbius about how he ended up in prison because of Spider-Man. This now indicates that Spider-Man will likely be appearing at some point in the future.”

“The second post-credits scene once again focuses on Adrian Toomes and Morbius. At this point, however, Adrian urges Morbius to help him break out of prison. He also wants to start a group, which may or may not become the notorious Sinister Six team that Sony has been trying to put on the big screen for ages.”

This seems to be confirmed by the director in a tweet:

The leaked information comes from French YouTuber, Landri, and a Reddit poster translated for us.

We will have to see for ourselves, and we can’t wait. Which Spider-Man will it be? And who will be the sixth member of the Sinister Six? Sweet, sweet anticipation.