Leaked Shazam! Trailer Description Teases Batman And Superman Nods


It’s rare to find a leaked trailer description that doesn’t come across as obvious fan fiction, but since SuperBroMovies has a respectable track record when it comes to superhero cinema intel, there’s reason to believe that this new summary of the next Shazam! preview just might be legit.

A few days ago, SBM’s Daniel Richtman reported that the second proper trailer for Billy Batson’s big screen debut will be dropping on January 19th, and while it’s still a couple of weeks before we get some verification on the claim, Richtman has now gone as far as to break down the content of the preview, which contains a surprising number of references to a certain pair of cape-wearing Justice Leaguers.

The first part of the trailer allegedly revisits much of the territory we saw in the teaser that dropped last July, including Billy’s family life and the acquisition of his superpowers.

The trailer kicks off with Billy eating dinner with his foster family, where Cooper Andrews’ Victor Vazquez reveals a costumed hero has appeared in Philidelphia. We then cut to a montage of clips from the first trailer before the WB, New Line, and DC logos grace the screen.

From there we go back to dinner and are introduced to Darla Dudley and Pedro Peña, the latter of which makes fun of Shazam’s costume. Next, we revisit the Wizard’s lair, where we see Billy, once again, acquire his powers.

From here, we reportedly see Billy discussing and experimenting with his new abilities opposite his best friend Freddy, before our hero meets his nemesis.

Freddy and Billy then begin brainstorming hero names, without much success. Cut to Billy attempting to fly from above the clouds. As he begins to fall at an accelerated rate, our titular hero begins to channel Superman and catches himself right before crashing back to earth. Shazam then realizes that he can indeed fly.

To follow up that incredible clip, Mark Strong’s Dr. Sivana finally makes his debut in the trailer. He and Shazam begin to fight mid-air, as we cut to a child playing with Superman and Batman action figures. The two heavyweights collide as the toys do the same, and might I add, the kid was humming the 1978 Superman theme, which was a highlight of the trailer.

As you can see, there are supposedly quite a few nods here to Batman and Superman, and apparently the trailer has at least one more saved for the end, though not before we get a little more footage of Billy settling into his superhero persona.

Another montage of scenes from the first trailer ensues before we cut to Freddy and Shazam at a real estate office, where they are attempting to find a ‘lair.’ They are asking if there are any castles available, preferably overlooking some water. To conclude the trailer, we get a look at the Marvel Family (depowered) confronting Billy about him being Shazam intercut with some action clips

Right before the logo hits, we see Sivana ask Shazam how old he is, to which Billy replies ‘basically 15.’ We then see a new shot of Billy transforming into the titular hero while jumping off a building.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the stinger. It starts off with Sivana tackling Shazam into a toy store. Billy then proceeds to throw a large Batman toy at the villain, which misses to great comedic effect. Shazam then ends up on a large scale piano as the two fight, which is obviously an homage to Big, which this movie took inspiration from.

Though the previously reported Henry Cavill cameo may not be a go, it seems that the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader could still have quite a presence in Shazam! all the same. That being said, we’ll find out how Billy fares in carving out a superhero identity of his own when the film hits theaters on April 5th, 2019, but in the meantime, look out for that trailer.