Leaked Venom Set Video Offers Fleeting Glimpse Of Tom Hardy In Action


Soon after Sony sounded the klaxon in order to announce the start of Venom‘s production, it didn’t take long before eagle-eyed photographers and passers-by relayed the first photos of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

And today, Radar Online has delivered the next best thing: an admittedly blurry set video that shows Hardy in action as the famed anti-hero. Embedded below, you’ll see the Mad Max star jogging down an alleyway, as white smoke billows out from nearby chimneys – for the record, Hardy’s attire matches up with the costumed spotted over the weekend, so this video was likely captured on the same day.

And so, as Eddie Brock nears the end of the alleyway, he comes into contact with an offscreen adversary. It’s difficult to tell from this overhead shot, but it appears Brock has an altercation with a human foe (a homeless person, perhaps?) before running off into the distance. There’s also a good chance that this scene takes place soon after the first encounter with the titular alien symbiote, but we’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Story-wise, there’s not an awful lot to go on at this early stage. Online reports claim Venom will feature a flashback to Feudal Japan – the film’s latest call for extras did cast the net in search of “villagers without modern haircuts,” so take from that what you will – while there’s also evidence to suggest that Riz Ahmed has been cast as Carnage, the pic’s primary antagonist.

Expect Sony and Ruben Fleischer to unleash the symbiotic supervillain on October 5th, 2018. That’s still an awful long way away, so keep your peepers peeled for more Venom updates in the coming weeks and months. In related news, we learned earlier today that J.K. Simmons is not opposed to reprising his role as the cigar-chomping, hilariously volatile J. Jonah Jameson for Sony’s Spider-Man universe.