Learn some fresh moves with these dancing movies on Netflix

via Netflix

There’s something about dancing movies that makes audiences feel cheerful and happy. Luckily, Netflix offers plenty of options for movies that incorporate dance sequences, fun choreography, and enjoyable music. Whether the dance movies available on Netflix are geared towards adult audiences, kid audiences, or everything in between, these flicks are always fun to watch. These are some of the dance movies on Netflix that are worth checking out.

Feel the Beat (2020)

Feel the Beat is an awesome dance movie on Netflix that premiered in 2020. It’s about a girl named April who gives it her all trying to audition for Broadway musicals. After failing to land any parts, she returns to her hometown and picks up a job as a dance instructor. She trains a misfit group of youngsters in preparation for their upcoming dance competition. Even though Broadway doesn’t work out for her, she doesn’t let go of her love for dance.

Dancing Queens (2021)

Dancing Queens tells the story of Dylan Pettersson, a 23-year-old girl who is absolutely obsessed with dancing. She’s got huge aspirations and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it big. After she picks up a cleaning job at a drag club in Queens, she gets discovered by a choreographer named Victor. He realizes just how talented she is, and it changes her life forever.

Hairspray (2007)

When Tracy Turnblad auditions to be part of Baltimore’s most popular dance show on television, she ends up snagging a coveted spot. The Corny Collins Show typically doesn’t include dancers who have a little extra weight on them, but her talent is enough to get her the attention she deserves. With all eyes on her, she decides to take her newfound popularity and channel it in the right direction. Her fight against segregation becomes just as important to her as dancing is. This movie stars John Travolta, Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Christopher Walken, and Nikki Blonsky.

Work It (2020)

Sabrina Carpenter leads the way in Work It, a movie about a socially awkward 18-year-old girl. Although she’s an attractive young woman, she’s never truly been comfortable in her own skin. She tries to achieve a perfect life through sheer hard work and eventually decides she needs to make a major change. Instead of being known as the dorky girl forever, she trains to win a dance competition to sculpt her reputation for the better. Viewers likely recognize Carpenter from her time starring in movies and TV shows like Girl Meets World and Adventures in Babysitting.

Step Sisters (2018)

After Jamila gets accepted to Harvard Law School, she feels like everything in her life is moving in the right direction. She’s not only the president of her sorority, but she’s also the captain of the step dance crew. To top it all off, she’s the student liaison to the college dean as well! For the most part, she’s got everything figured out. When one of the other sororities on campus gets in trouble for partying too hard, she must intervene to stop them from embarrassing the college any further. She teaches the troublesome sorority step dancing moves in order to help them stay in line on campus. This 2018 dance movie on Netflix is filled with relatable college moments.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are love interests in Silver Linings Playbook. This movie covers several different topics from mental health to infidelity, to a passionate love for sports. One of the major storylines includes Lawrence and Cooper’s characters learning dance moves together to perform later on in the film. The more time the two spend together training, the more they realize they have genuine feelings for each other. At first, he thinks he wants to rebuild the life he once had with his ex-wife, but eventually, he realizes it’s time for him to move on and experience a brighter future with someone new.

Anybody Can Dance 2 (2015)

Anybody Can Dance 2 is a 2015 movie about two childhood friends who have one goal in mind. They want to be successful in the world of dance. They decide to team up in order to have a better chance at fulfilling their dreams. They form a dance group with more of their mutual friends and agree to compete in a Las Vegas hip-hop competition together.

Into the Beat (2020)

Into the Beat is a 2020 movie about a teenage girl who’s been practicing ballet all her life. She’s a talented ballerina and her parents are beyond proud of her. They appreciate all the accomplishments she’s achieved so far in her life. When she discovers other people dancing to hip-hop music, she realizes she has just as much of a passion for that genre as well. She’s faced with an impossible decision… should she stick with ballet, as her parents wish, or venture out into the exciting world of hip-hop?

Let’s Dance (2019)

Let’s Dance is a 2019 comedy-drama about a dancer named Joseph, who fits in well with the hip-hop crowd. When his crew breaks up, he struggles to figure out what his next step should be. He knows he’s talented as a dancer so he chooses to take his skills to uncharted territory. When he becomes a dance teacher at one of the top ballet schools in Paris, he ends up falling head over heels in love with an aspiring ballerina. Their love story becomes even more magical when they realize how easily it is for them to connect while they’re dancing together.