Could LeBron James Star In A Space Jam Sequel?

In news sure to make the child inside of every one of us giddy with excitement, The Film Stage is reporting NBA superstar LeBron James has expressed interest in some intergalactic basketball action for a Space Jam sequel.

Now before you go and get too exited about the news, keep in mind there is actually no confirmed movement from Warner Brothers towards putting another Space Jam project in motion. James took it upon himself to post a Tweet exclaiming his love for the original film and wishes he could star alongside our favorite Looney Tunes someday, but that’s literally the only information there is on a possible sequel.

That said, James’ massive fanbase and huge marketing appeal may be an intriguing point for studio executives to consider, especially if the baller could convince a few friends and teammates to accompany him on the big screen. Warner Brothers could be sitting on a gold mine considering the star’s popularity, so we’ll have to see if James’ Tweet can spark momentum.

With all the other franchise reboots going on, I’d be ecstatic to see Bugs and Daffy suit up alongside some of the NBA’s most talented players. LeBron James could just be the tip of the iceberg, possibly calling names like Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade from the bench, providing the prospect of seeing our favorite players in a whole new light.

Space Jam is a classic film from my childhood and got me through many a rainy day, so I can’t deny a huge nostalgia factor also plays into my interest in a sequel – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What do you guys think, could current NBA stars provide a reboot worthy rival for the Monstars?