Lee Daniels To Make Janis Joplin Biopic Next, Other Films After That

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Now that the excitement surrounding Lee Daniels’ The Butler has settled down, and the dramatic edge-of-your-seat twists and turns of the title-change saga has finally come to a close, just what is Lee Daniels going to do next?

Well, in keeping with our current understanding of temporal reality, he will attempt to make a biopic about Janis Joplin starring Amy Adams, supposedly concerning itself with a single day in the blues singer’s famously tempestuous life. Hopefully Warner Bros. doesn’t try and mess up that project too, forcing the director to name the film Lee Daniels’ Janis Joplin, or something like that.

Actually, scratch that – whoever owns the rights to Janis Joplin, please insist that Lee Daniels calls his film Lee Daniels’ Janis Joplin, and that the official soundtrack be called Lee Daniels’ Janis Joplin’s Janis Joplin: The Official Soundtrack’s Official Soundtrack. Please.

But what comes after that? Well, after Lee Daniels’ Janis Joplin comes Lee Daniels’ Miss Saigon, all being well. The director has been sitting on the idea since 2009, no doubt tied up in litigation with the estates of Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil. The parties are likely debating on which bizarre iteration of Lee Daniels’ name the famed musical twosome can come up with to re-title their masterpiece as a part of the universe’s ongoing perverse joke and personal vendetta to always spoil how Lee Daniels’ titles scan.

Exhausting, right? Surely Lee Daniels will need a break after all that? Well, no. He’s got a bit of a change of pace planned – he wants to make a horror movie. Absolutely no details available at the moment – nothing signed or anything, just a desire for a bit of a change of pace. Hopefully not anything based on an existing property, or that damn Lee Daniels curse might strike again. Could we be in for Lee Daniels’ Saw?

Would you like to see a Saw reboot directed by Lee Daniels? Does this news piece break the record for most mentions of the name Lee Daniels? Let us know.