Lee Pace Is Excited To Play Ronan Again In Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is sounding better and better with each passing day. Recently, the Brie Larson-starring MCU movie was revealed to be featuring a host of familiar faces. We already knew that it was to be set in the 1990s and include Samuel L. Jackson as a more naive Nick Fury, but it turns out that Clark Gregg will also be back as Phil Coulson for the first time since The Avengers.

On the villainous side of things, two Guardians of the Galaxy stars will return for Captain Marvel, as well. Namely, Lee Pace and Djimon Hounsou will reprise their roles as Kree terrorist Ronan the Accuser and his henchman Korath the Pursuer, respectively. The first one of these surprise cast members to break their silence is Pace, who was quizzed on his role in Captain Marvel while on NBC’s New York Live.

Obviously, as all Marvel actors are coached to do, Pace wouldn’t divulge any details. “I know nothing, I don’t know anything,” he said, laughing off the question. “I wish I could tell you all the secrets, but I don’t know any secrets!” However, when asked specifically if the stories of his return to the MCU were true, Pace admitted: “That is true. I’m excited to be back.”

Truth be told, Ronan wasn’t exactly the most layered of all the MCU antagonists, but we’re hopeful that Captain Marvel will flesh out the blue-skinned baddie somewhat. Even if it doesn’t manage to redeem him all that much, it’s always a thrill when characters from one sub-franchise crossover into another, as it reminds us how everything really is connected.

Of course, the reason Ronan’s back is because the Kree will play a major role in the movie. Captain Marvel will introduce the shapeshifting Skrulls as the central villains of the film, as Earth will become caught in the firing line of their intergalactic war with Ronan’s people, the Kree. Ben Mendelsohn is expected to be play the main Skrull, with Jude Law portraying Skrull hero Mar-Vell.

Captain Marvel soars into cinemas on March 8th, 2019.

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