Legendary Pictures Pulls The Plug On Paradise Lost

You had to have seen this one coming. Legendary Pictures has pulled the plug on the overly ambitious Paradise Lost. Deadline tells us that when the studio couldn’t get the budget down to $120 million, they scrapped it.

Bradley Cooper and Benjamin Walker were set to headline the Alex Proyas directed film. The reason for the budget going overboard was due to the visual effects, which isn’t too surprising considering the nature of the epic story being told here.

While I am upset to see the plug being pulled, I expected it. If you’ve been following its development, you probably would have expected it too.

The film was a massive undertaking and would likely cost the studio more money than a film featuring “the battle between good and evil, inspired by the John Milton poem,” could ever make back at the box office.

Maybe somewhere down the road someone will try and resurrect this one but for now, Paradise Lost is done.

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