Legendary’s Godzilla To Square-Off Against Giant Arachnid


Exciting news is emanating from the still-in-production Godzilla reboot as Urban Collector is reporting today that one of the rampaging, radioactive lizard’s adversaries will be a giant arachnid referred to as “Muto.”

The much-anticipated re-imagining of Godzilla promises to far exceed the monumental miscalculations which plagued Sony’s ill-fated 1998 version; and featuring exotic and menacing foes such as Muto is undoubtedly a sure-fire step in the right direction.

This would not be the first time that Godzilla became embroiled in a war of the behemoth-styled smackdown with an enormous creepy crawly. Long-time fans of the titular monster will be quick to note that the Big G also tangled with a pesky arachnid named “Kumonga” in the 1967 kaiju classic Son Of Godzilla.

According to the Godzilla Wiki, “Kumonga was a very large spider which dwelled in the foreboding jungles of Sogellel Island,” who became unwittingly exposed to a radiation storm which was created by a clandestine U.N.-sponsored weather experiment gone awry.

Exciting stuff to say the least and with a multitude of monstrous antagonists yet to be revealed, this latest news is sure to whet the appetites of fans that are still smarting over the last big-budget take, which saw Toho’s greatest cinematic export reduced to a whimpering and less-than-interesting escapee from a rarely-visited section of Jurassic Park.

Godzilla is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and is scheduled for release next summer through Legendary Pictures. Let us know what you think about the titular monster’s potential challengers in the comments section below!