The LEGO Batman Movie Will Ask The Most Important Question: Can Batman Be Happy?


In an age already over-saturated with dark, brooding superheroes struggling with their inner demons, one must question if we really and truly need yet another film about the darkest, brooding-est superhero of them all: Batman. The answer is yes, but only if that film is The LEGO Batman Movie

In a recent conversation with MTV News, star Will Arnett and producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (the writing/directing team behind The LEGO Movie) discussed what was going to happen to Bats in their new film. While they are not about to reveal any salient plot points, Phil Lord did say that the film will answer the age-old question “can Batman be happy?” Arnett, meanwhile, remarked on the fact that the action footage he’s seen so far is “mind-boggling,” which is as much as we can hope for from the team that brought us one of the best animated films of the year.

The LEGO Batman Movie acts as a spinoff from the original LEGO Movie, with Will Arnett back as the voice of the Dark Knight. Lord and Miller are acting as producers on this one, with The LEGO Movie‘s animation director, Chris McKay, behind the camera. While I continue to be a little skeptical about the quality of a spinoff of a film that was initially made to sell toys, there’s no doubt that Arnett’s Batman was a highlight of the first outing. With the same team working on this one, I’m willing to be cautiously optimistic that they will give us an animated superhero flick worth seeing.

The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters May 26, 2017. You can check out the interview with MTV News below.

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