Leonardo DiCaprio Says He Still Doesn’t Understand Inception


Man, 2010 was a banner year for cinema, eh? We had Toy Story 3 which made me cry like a baby as I myself went off to college. We had The Social Network showing us that those seeking world domination can indeed succeed and become billionaires. And we also had fan favorite Inception, the dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream special effects powerhouse.

Outside of those Batman films, Inception is probably Christopher Nolan’s most well-known work and the movie itself has had numerous theories thrown about to make sense of the narrative. Apparently, though, its leading star never read any of those.

Parlaying his new Hollywood clout after appearing in Joker, somehow Marc Maron got both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio to sit down and chat on his (stupidly overrated) podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. He spoke to Brad about some Ad Astra stuff and if the actor understood what was going on at a certain point in the film, which Brad laughed off and said he didn’t understand it, either.

This caused a lightbulb to go off over Leo’s head, and he admitted the following:

“That’s like Inception for me. What happened? I have no idea (laughs). You’re just focused on your character, man. I do get involved [with the story], but when it came to Christopher Nolan and his mind and how [Inception] was, was all pieced together, everyone was trying to constantly put that puzzle together.”


Maron then asked Leo if Inception made sense after seeing the completed project and he coyly replied with: “Well, it depends on the eye of the beholder, I guess.” At least he’s honest about it, right?

This kind of things warms my soul, at least in a certain way. I feel like a lot of being a celebrity is being wrapped up on promotion, constantly touting how amazing your recent project is and spinning tales of intrigue and desire and understanding. I like seeing these moments of vulnerability, admitting fault, however slight. It just serves to humanize these idols, ya know? At least, that’s my thinking.

It seems like Brad and Leo really bonded on the set of Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood, too, so the rest of the chat was fairly interesting, as well. In fact, I kinda wish it was just Brad and Leo shooting the breeze without their Thinky Pain moderator. But that’s just a dream of mine, possibly one that occurred via inception.

Source: MovieWeb