Leonardo DiCaprio And Armie Hammer To Make Out In J. Edgar?

With Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar getting underway, news is starting to leak out. A number of casting reports have surfaced and now we have an ‘interesting’ report coming to light. E! Online is reporting that cast members Armie Hammer and Leonardo DiCaprio will be making out on screen.

“It’s not a kissing scene—it’s a ton of kissing scenes,” Hammer smiled. “I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward. The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited.”

Speaking on the homosexual aspect of Hoover’s life, Eastwood said,

“He was a very complex person. The homosexual aspect is just one of many. I would say that’s the least of his problems. But he was also very clever, whether rightfully or wrongfully, he was very clever about keeping himself in a certain position in life, so it is an interesting study,”

DiCaprio, will of course play the lead role of J. Edgar Hoover and Hammer is set to take on the role of Clyde Toulson, Hoover’s right-hand man and ‘alleged’ lover. The Playlist isn’t sure how authentic this news is but I guess we won’t know if it’s true until we see the film.

Either way, this film has massive potential. With Eastwood behind the camera, Dustin Lance Black penning the script and a cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Ed Westwick, Damon Herriman, Judi Dench and Ken Howard, this one is just screaming Oscar.