Epic Fan Art Imagines What Leonardo DiCaprio’s Joker Would Look Like


When it was announced that DC were working on a Joker origins movie to be produced by Martin Scorsese, it didn’t take fans long to suggest that the director’s favourite leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio, should play the Clown Prince of Crime in the film. As it so happens, it looks like the studio may have actually listened, as it’s now since been reported that Warner Bros. are targeting DiCaprio as their first choice for the role.

So, what would the Oscar-winning star look like as Batman’s nemesis? If you’re struggling to imagine Leo’s handsome face caked with pale make-up and sporting bright green hair, then have no fear, as we have something to help you out. Digital fan artist Boss Logic has mocked up an image of what the actor could look like as the iconic supervillain, and you can check it out down below.

All things considered, it’s an effective piece, with a toned-down aesthetic that could suit the “gritty” direction that the Joker origins movie is said to be headed in. The Heath Ledger-alike slit mouth is likely to be close to the version of the character’s grin depicted in the film, too, as one report’s claimed that the movie will show Mr. J with “a permanent smile.”

The cracked, flaking skin is a nice original touch as well. While we don’t have any evidence suggesting that this is something that will be implemented, it is a fresh way of approaching the Joker’s disfigurement and could work well if it made it to the big screen.

While the artwork above is very enticing, it’s important to remember that we’re far from having DiCaprio locked in to play the part. Warner Bros. are allegedly in early talks with the actor, but nothing’s set in stone just yet. Having said that, hopefully the presence of DiCaprio’s old collaborator Scorsese will convince him to take the job and hop on board The Joker.

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