Leonardo DiCaprio Persuaded Daniel Day-Lewis To Play Lincoln

Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently much more than a pretty face and an accomplished actor – he’s also really good at persuading other movie stars to work with Steven Spielberg, not that anybody would turn down such an offer… would they? Well, not according to the filmmaker himself, who cites Leonardo DiCaprio as the reason why Daniel-Day Lewis signed on to star as Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg’s upcoming biopic, Lincolnafter he originally refused to play the part.

Here’s what Spielberg had to say on the matter in a snippet of conversation which also confirms our hunches that celebrities get together all the time to just eat with one another because they can:

“Leo DiCaprio was at my house for dinner one night. It was just myself, my wife (Kate Capshaw) and Leo. And he says, ‘Hey, what’s going on with your Lincoln project?’ I told him the sad story. I had one shot at Daniel and he had declined. And that was that. Leo just listened. And then the next morning he called me at my office. He said, ‘Here’s Daniel’s cellphone number, he’s expecting your call.’ Leo has never told me to this day what he said to Daniel. But that began this wonderful journey.”

What could DiCaprio have possibly said to persuade him so quicky? Does Daniel Day-Lewis owe him something from the Gangs of New York days? Whatever it is, this news firmly assures us that Leonardo DiCaprio is a kind of Hollywood Mob boss, given that he simply has to make one phone call to get his associates the best actors in town. Either that, or Leonardo DiCaprio is harbouring the world’s most embarrassing Daniel Day-Lewis secret. He’s an alien? I bet he’s an alien.

Source: The Guardian