Leonardo DiCaprio On Nearly Playing Spider-Man For James Cameron

Leonardo DiCaprio

As you may already know, Leonardo DiCaprio very nearly played Spider-Man in the late 90s when Avatar director James Cameron was developing the project. Electro and Sandman would have been the main villains, but neither those character nor the general plot and tone of the movie would have shared much in common with the comic books.

Now, DiCaprio has finally revealed just how close he came to playing Spider-Man, and it doesn’t sound like he was ever fitted for a costume, that’s for sure.

“Not very close, but there was a screenplay. I know he was semi-serious about doing it at some point, but I don’t remember any further talks about it. We had a couple of chats. I think there was a screenplay that I read, but I don’t remember. This was 20 years ago!”

As for how much he believes playing Spider-Man would have impacted his career, The Revenant star added:

“I’m not sure anything would have changed.”

In all honesty, he’s probably not wrong. However, seeing as Cameron’s Spider-Man movie sounded so offbeat and weird, there’s a chance that it would have been a massive flop along the lines of Batman and Robin, so it’s certainly possible that it wouldn’t have done his career many favours had that been the case.

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