Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In JFK Assassination Film

Leonardo DiCaprio is now set to star in and produce Legacy Of Secrecy. He’ll play the role of an FBI informant who believes he has uncovered information about the assassination of JFK. Based on the book of the same name, the story explores how various actions by the FBI, CIA and mafia eventually led to the death of the famed President.

The film has a 2013 release date attached to it but with DiCaprio busy with a whole bunch of films, most notably the Hoover biopic, The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Great Gatsby, it’s unknown when Legacy of Secrecy will get off the ground.

In the film, DiCaprio’s character, Jack Van Laningham, claims that a cellmate and mobster, Carlos Marcello, confessed to him that he ordered the death of JFK. With this information, the FBI sends Laningham undercover to infiltrate the mob and find out more on the death of JFK.

The plot sounds fascinating and the issue of JFK’s death has always interested me. DiCaprio will probably be great in the role and as long as they get a capable director on board (possibly Scorsese), I’m sure this will turn out to be quite the film. The whole infiltrating the mob thing seems similar to The Departed and bringing in the JFK assassination conspiracy theory aspect will make things even more interesting. It may be a long way off, but I’m definitely excited for this one.