Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Producing Real-Life Animal Biopic, American Wolf


Leonardo DiCaprio’s production shingle, Appian Way, has joined with Langley Park to produce the true story of an American Wolf. Langley’s Kevin McCormick pursued the rights after the book deal went through for an alleged seven figures earlier this week. How crazy is it that a movie is already in the works for a book that’s only been proposed? Not that crazy, actually, as that move is emerging as a popular method for acquiring new movie material.

The book landed its proposed author Nate Blakeslee a cool amount after pitching the idea to numerous publishers. We’re not surprised, either, as everyone loves a good wolf-inspired yarn. Just look at The Grey, the frosty actioner that put wolves centre stage. Alas, their appearance in that movie only hindered their reputation, which this new movie aims to appease. It’s set to focus on O-Six, a famous female wolf who had a positive effect on the humans around her, making her death all the more upsetting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news, American Wolf “tells the story of a O-Six, who in some circles was the world’s most famous wild animal. The female alpha wolf was collared and tracked by researchers at Yellowstone National Park, gaining a huge following from not only scientists but the public as well. She was shot by a hunter in 2012 just outside the park’s boundaries, an act that caused howls around the country (she even got an obituary in the New York Times) despite it being legal due to wolves’ status of being scaled back from endangered species’ lists and new population control measures.”

We’ll keep you posted with more news on American Wolf as it arrives, but for now, this definitely seems like a project worth keeping your eye on.