Another Deadpool 2 Character’s Been Confirmed For X-Force


Deadpool 2 introduced the Merc with a Mouth’s very own mutant superhero team to moviegoing audiences, ahead of the X-Force spinoff that’s currently in the works from writer/director Drew Goddard. However, being a Deadpool film, it couldn’t resist playing with our expectations a bit and killing off nearly all of the members halfway through.

Thankfully, though, the post-credits scene introduced a way for the team to return. With the aid of Cable’s time machine, Deadpool went back and rescued his favorite X-Forcer, Peter, from certain death. Still, none of the rest of the group were shown to be resurrected so it seems X-Force now has a blank slate when it comes to picking which characters it wants to include.

And while we’ve yet to hear from the studio in regards to who may be involved, Lewis Tan seems pretty confident that we’ll see more of him in the upcoming spinoff, as he believes DP saved his character Shatterstar alongside Peter. He also assumes that other mutants like Terry Crews’ Bedlam and Bill Skarsgard’s Zeitgeist will be revived, too.

“You’re going to see more of my character in the X-Force film — that’s what it’s looking like. Thankfully, Deadpool went back and had a little time machine that he stole, so in the post-credits scene he brought back Peter, and it’s assumed that we’re all going to come back as well.”

Though Tan says he imagines all of X-Force will return for their own movie, he’s probably not including The Vanisher in that. In one of the best jokes of Deadpool 2, the invisible mutant was revealed as Brad Pitt at the moment he was electrocuted after parachuting from a plane. It would be an impressive feat to get Pitt back for a second cameo as the character, but it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Even if Tan is mistaken here and Deadpool 2 turns out to be his only appearance as Shatterstar, he might have another major comic book movie lined up all the same. The actor recently teased that he’d been in talks with DC to take the lead in Chris McKay’s Nightwing solo film. That remains unconfirmed for now, but we bet Marvel execs are seriously regretting passing on him to play Iron Fist.