Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Director Teases The Importance Of Lex’s Final Line


Whether you’re a fan of the movie or not, you’ll probably recall Lex Luthor’s memorable final utterances from Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeWhen Bats visits him in prison, the newly-bald billionaire warns him that “the bell’s already been rung” and it’s been heard “among the stars.” As the Dark Knight leaves him, Luthor babbles: “ding ding ding ding” in imitation of said bell.

Obviously, his speech here is in reference to the coming invasion of Earth by the forces of Apokolips, which came to pass in Justice League. As for his bell noises, though, we all thought that was just a measure of Lex’s insanity and a sign that he really did deserve to be locked away in Arkham Asylum. However, one DC fan came up with another explanation for it. What if the dinging referred to the sound that always accompanies the Mother Boxes AKA Apokoliptian tech?

The fan put this idea to director Zack Snyder on Vero and, guess what, it turns out that was the intention behind the line all along.

It’s not made entirely clear in BvS, but Luthor seems to have been made aware of the incoming attack from outer space due to his time spent on Zod’s Kryptonian ship. In one scene from the extended edition of the movie, he even receives a holographic vision of Steppenwolf himself (though he looks far more monstrous than he would appear in Justice League).

Of course, this is far from the first interesting tidbit Snyder’s revealed about his magnum opus on Vero. Seriously, if you count yourself as a fan of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you might want to sign up to the social media site and ask the director any questions you have about it. Just don’t spam him for info on his cut of Justice League.

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