Liam Neeson Is Interested In The Dark Tower


After being considered dead in the water for quite a while, it looks like things are picking back up for The Dark Tower. Earlier today we reported that Aaron Paul was being looked at for a role and now, thanks to our friends over at Schmoes Know, we’re hearing that the film is indeed going to be made and it will be done so with a $60 million budget. Furthermore, they say that it will act as Ron Howard’s next project and that there will be a Netflix TV series to go along with the film.

What’s perhaps most exciting though about the report is that they mention that Liam Neeson is supposedly interested in joining. They don’t say which role he’s looking at but one would assume it’s that of Roland Deschain, the protagonist of the story. Personally, I haven’t read the Stephen King novel that’s acting as the source material for this film but having Liam Neeson on board, no matter which role he’s in, can’t be a bad thing. Unfortunately though, I can’t speak to whether or not he’d be a good fit for Roland as I’m not too familiar with the novel.

From everything we’ve been hearing about The Dark Tower, it certainly seems like an ambitious project. It’s been in development for a while now and after a long period of time where it looked like it would never get made, it’s definitely nice to see that things are starting to move forward again. Hopefully the Schmoes are right and the project does come to fruition because from the sounds of it, it could turn out to be something truly special.

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