Liam Neeson’s Newest Movie Is Now Available To Stream


Ordinary Love, a romantic dramedy starring Liam Neeson alongside Lesley Manville, can be viewed on Hulu as of today, August 3rd. The film, produced by Bleecker Street, features not only Neeson’s most recent performance (though that will soon change once Made in Italy releases later this month), but also one of his most heartwarming. For these reasons and more, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Neeson’s career spans several decades and dozens upon dozens of movies. During that time, the actor has cemented himself as one of the most recognizable faces of contemporary cinema. His roles are as versatile as his acting skills, too, as while most know him as the guy who often plays badasses, he can also portray a simple family man without expert combat skills.

One renowned romcom in which Neeson played such a character is the 2003 ensemble film Love Actually. Many years later, he played a similar character in a similar picture, albeit one whose tone was a lot more gut-wrenching. Yes, Ordinary Love follows, as its title suggests, an ordinary dilemma: what to do when your long-term spouse discovers they’re terminally ill?

Liam Neeson

Seeing Liam Neeson, who’s played some of the most stoic, hardened roles ever portrayed on screen, in such a vulnerable position is shocking to say the least. Then again, such is the fate of most world-class actors and it’s great to see the Batman Begins star encounter smaller, more human stakes that put him in touch with his own mortality.

Ordinary Love originally premiered on February 14th of this year. Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa, it was lucky enough to receive somewhat of a theatrical release before cinemas began shutting down en masse a month later when the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States. Now that the picture has arrived Hulu, though, it may yet redeem its lost viewership as the platform will give a lot more people a chance to check it out.