Liam Neeson To Play A Hitman In The All-Nighter

Liam Neeson is making a name for himself in the action genre. Though his last film, Taken 2, was a bit of a dud, the man can still deliver the hurt and pain and he can do so in an efficient manner. Hollywood has clearly sat up and taken notice of Neeson as an action star and so it should come as no surprise that the actor has been cast in the The All-Nighter.

Written by Brad Ingelsby and being set up at WB, The Wrap reports that the film will see Liam Neeson play a contract killer past his prime who’s “forced to go after his old boss as a way of protecting those he holds most dear. Things escalate even further when, eventually, he’s found running from both his old associates and the police, taking his estranged son along for the violent ride.”

Sounds like a perfect role for the actor, right? From the sound of it, don’t expect the film to break any new ground or to become anything more than yet another action vehicle in which Liam Neeson can dispatch baddies for 90 minutes. Is there anything wrong with that though? Well, not necessarily. I don’t know too many people who don’t like Neeson, especially the “new” Liam Neeson, the one who has established himself as a bonafide ass-kicker.

That being said, as we saw with Taken 2, the actor’s physicality can only take him so far and if he’s stuck with a poorly written and directed film, the results will be mediocre at best. I love Neeson and I love him as an action hero. Heck, The Grey was one of the best films I saw all year. But, like I said, Neeson alone can’t make a movie worth the watch. So, if The All-Nighter turns out to be another Taken 2, which I feel like it may be, then there may not be any reason to get excited for this one.

What do you think? Tired of seeing Liam Neeson kick ass? Would you rather him go back to drama or another genre? Let us know in the comments below.

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