Liam Neeson Protects His Son In Trailer For Run All Night


Liam Neeson now has a whole subgenre all to himself, usually involving him protecting family, friends, or loved ones with a growl, a glare, and a gun. His next film, Run All Night will vary that formula just a little bit, as he faces off against someone else who is also protecting his own family with a formidable arsenal.

Run All Night has Neeson facing off against Ed Harris, a mob boss whose son Neeson killed. Why did he kill the kid? Because Harris’ son was going to kill Neeson’s son! What a twist! This inaugurates a lot of violence and even more growling, as Neeson and Harris try to show just who is the baddest badass in town. I’m not certain who to put my money on, but there’s sure to be a lot of blood.

As these types of films go, Run All Night still looks like it could be good fun. The latest international trailer includes a good overview of the plot along with some rough and tumble action and a thrumming soundtrack. I might even be willing to pay the price of admission just to watch Harris and Neeson go head to head. Run All Night might look a little like Taken 3.5, but we will have to wait and see how they vary the formula this time around.

The film also stars Joel Kinnaman and Common, in addition to Harris and Neeson. But just in case you were feeling too optimistic about this one, it was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra who also worked with Neeson in Non-Stop (that’s the airplane movie). So don’t get your hopes too high here.

Run All Night comes to theaters on March 13, 2015. Why not watch the latest international trailer and see what you think about the latest entry into the Liam Neeson subgenre?


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