Liam Neeson Replaced In The Hangover Part II

In what seems to be a revolving door, the much talked about cameo in The Hangover Part II has once again undergone a change. If you remember, it was first supposed to be Mr. Mel Gibson who would be featured in the cameo. But, for obvious reasons he was cut. Then Liam Neeson was set to take the role and up until now, it seemed like he would indeed make an appearance in the film. Now things have changed though. Replacing Neeson is Nick Cassavetes, director of The Notebook and Alpha Dog, among others. Variety reports that director Todd Phillips needed to reshoot the cameo scene because he realized it needed to give more plot information. The problem is, Neeson isn’t available anymore due to his shooting schedule for Clash Of The Titans 2.

The only foreseeable problem with casing Cassavetes is that he’s far less recognizable than Neeson, which may mean that the cameo may not carry as much weight as it could have. That being said, that’s the least of the problems surrounding the film. The trailer, which hit a few weeks ago, was met with a pretty negative reception. Excitement for the film has certainley dropped and along with other fans, I’m still hoping that the trailer isn’t representative of the final product.

I guess we’ll have to wait until May 26th to see.

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