Liev Schreiber Discusses Joining Hugh Jackman In The Wolverine 3


Hugh Jackman’s final time in the claws and muttonchops will be in James Mangold’s The Wolverine 3 – and he might just have some familiar feral company.

Recently, Jackman took to Twitter to post an image of himself in training for the role, and his Origins co-star Liev Schreiber replied in such a way that seemed to suggest he may also be returning as Victor Creed/Sabertooth. Of course, the internet pretty much decided it was a done deal after that, but fans might be in for some disappointment.


While chatting to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the Ray Donovan actor suggested that the Tweet was misinterpreted, and that he was simply commenting on keeping up with Jackman’s exercise regime as he too approaches middle age. But, when asked if he’d be interested in reprising the role, he added the following:

“Well, what I heard was… I don’t know if I’m invited, but I heard that the storyline is Old Man Logan. And when I heard that, I thought, ‘Well, you know there’s Old Man Logan, there could be Old Man Sabretooth.’”

It sounds like he might just know a bit more than he’s letting on – or at the very least, is interested in the possibility of returning as Creed. Of course, only time will tell, but we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Schreiber reprise the role.

The Wolverine sequel is currently set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.