Liev Schreiber Says Animated Spider-Man Movie “Will Feel Very Familiar”

It’s quite undeniable that Spider-Man continues to be one of the most popular and enduring superheroes ever created, but you have to at least somewhat concede to the common complaint that the film franchise has grown slightly repetitive. Fortunately, that’ll change quite a bit in the near future, first this summer as Peter Parker makes his solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Spider-Man: Homecoming, and then in 2018 with a yet-to-be titled animated movie following the exploits of Miles Morales.

Now, some may argue that Miles should’ve been the one to join the MCU and, while there is validity to that statement, the most iconic version of any character should be the one to earn such privileges. Think about it: Warner Bros. was pretty keen to team up Batman and Superman shortly after The Dark Knight Trilogy had concluded. Could you have imagined if their first live action union on the big screen had seen John Blake under the cowl as opposed to Bruce Wayne? Similarly, if any wallcrawler should be the first to be an onscreen Avenger, it needs to be Peter.

Speaking with Collider, actor Liev Schreiber, whose role in the project is undisclosed at the time of this writing, comes off as being pretty confident that all Spidey fans will be able to get behind this flick:

“I think real hardcore Spidey fans will be able to follow this with great ease. It will feel very familiar, in a good way, in a kind of throwback way.”

Sure, that’s kind of vague, but if you have any familiarity with the Miles Morales character, you’d know that despite having some unique powers of his own, his adventures are still intrinsically Spider-Man, and we expect that to translate to film.

You can look forward to seeing this version of Spidey swing into theaters on December 21, 2018. As of now, however, the cast has yet to step into the recording booth, as Schreiber said, “I don’t think I begin for another month or so.” Watch this space for more.

Source: Collider