Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse Will Be Shot Entirely In Black And White

The witch

The witch

Director Robert Eggers frightened the bejesus out of us with his feature film debut The Witch back in 2016. Now, he’ll be making his return to the horror genre with The Lighthouse. And even though the plot details are largely unknown, we still have some exciting tidbits about the project to feast on.

Editor Louise Ford, who previously collaborated with Eggers on The Witch, did an interview with Mandy News where she revealed that The Lighthouse is being shot entirely in black and white.

“It’s set in 1890 and we’re shooting it in 35mm black and white stock, virtually unheard of nowadays.”

According to Ford, films in black and white are typically shot in color and then converted in post-production. But regardless, The Lighthouse will still be a likely throwback to horror pics like Dracula and Frankenstein, with its black and white color palette and period piece setting reminding viewers of classics that were the foundation of the genre.

Robert eggers

Besides this surprising reveal, the only other thing known about the project is that it’s described as a “fantasy horror story set in the world of old seafaring myths.” Casting-wise, we’ve heard it’ll star Robert Pattinson and Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe, with A24, the same studio that brought us The Witch and introduced Robert Eggers’ genius to audiences, handling distribution.

Even if they stopped releasing further details on The Lighthouse, I’d still be over the moon about it. Black and white? Amazing acting talent? Director of The Witch? Horror? A24? Say no more and take my money!

Seriously, though, please wrap up filming so that The Lighthouse can see the light of day. The wait to see what horrors are in store is already torturous.