Lightyear Trailer Contains Easter Egg To First Toy Story Movie


With the trailer’s premiere for Disney Pixar’s Lightyear, fans were brought to a place of nostalgic magic as we saw Buzz Lightyear suit up on a grand space adventure. The space ranger is the star of the upcoming film, where we’ll undoubtedly learn more about the heart of the beloved character, even if he had a rough start within the Toy Story realm.

We imagine struggling between being a toy or a space ranger would do that to you.

Chris Evans, who is voicing Lightyear this time around, was also nostalgic as he watched the reaction of viewers around the globe seeing the trailer for the first time.

While the trailer in its entirety was captivating, there’s an easter egg moment that transported us right back to the first Toy Story movie. In a conversation between Buzz and Woody, when Buzz is still not sold on the fact that he’s a toy, he asks Woody if ‘his people’ still use fossil fuels or if they’ve moved on to something greater.

“Do you people still use fossil fuels, or have you discovered Crystallic fusion?”

Eagle-eyed Toy Story fans saw a clip within the trailer that seems to put Crystallic fusion on full display.

Fans also took note of the easter egg moment on Twitter.

Did you catch the special moment in the trailer? Which part of it was your favorite? Do you plan to see Lightyear when it premieres next year? Let’s talk about it.