Linda Hamilton Says Terminator: Dark Fate Is A Return To Form

Terminator Arnie

The Terminator franchise arguably hasn’t yielded a truly memorable movie since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, making it only natural for fans to approach the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate with heavy skepticism. But for what it’s worth, returning player Linda Hamilton thinks that this will be the entry that brings the series back on course.

In an interview with Collider, the Sarah Connor actress was asked if she thinks Dark Fate pushes the boundaries of action cinema the way Judgment Day once did, and her answer seemed cautiously optimistic:

“I think definitely we have a good chance. I haven’t seen it, but in terms of narrowing down the characters again that you really care about, as opposed to just emptying the kitchen sink and having so many different versions of Terminators and so many different characters without a really cohesive story that keeps you interested – I think that we’ve returned to form that way. And that the action, you know it’s Tim Miller, it’s gonna be fantastic.”

It’s true that the Terminator franchise has been pretty disjointed for the last couple of decades, rarely staying in one timeline or time period, or with one set of characters, for too long. But much like last year’s Halloween, Dark Fate is set to disregard most of this messy history while bringing the original heroine of the series back into the fray. And as you may recall, that approach worked out pretty well for David Gordon Green’s slasher flick in terms of both commercial and critical success.

Dark Fate is not only the first entry since Judgment Day to feature Hamilton, but it’s also the first in just as many years to involve series creator James Cameron, who returns on producing duties. At the same time, the feature involves plenty of new blood, including Gabriel Luna as a Terminator with the ability to split into two separate units, as well as Mackenzie Davis as a soldier-assassin named Grace.

Meanwhile, the film serves as Tim Miller’s first directorial work since 2016’s Deadpool. Based on the above quote, Hamilton seems to think he has some great action is store, but you can judge for yourself when Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st, 2019.

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