Lindsay Lohan Continues To Tease Batgirl Role


There’s a good deal of uncertainty surrounding Batgirl at the moment, and a lot of that stems from the debacle that was Justice League. Due to the pic disappointing both critically and financially, the studio’s now lost faith in Joss Whedon, from what we hear, and are reconsidering letting him direct the aforementioned upcoming project. In fact, we’ve even heard that it might be cancelled outright.

Chalk that up as a rumor for now, but it’s clear that there’s some re-shuffling going on behind the scenes at Warner Bros. and unfortunately, Batgirl may be in trouble. Still, that hasn’t stopped various actresses from throwing their hat into the ring for the titular role and the latest to do so is Lindsay Lohan. No, we’re not kidding – but we wish we were.

After expressing interest in the project just the other week, the actress has now spoken up again, this time taking to Twitter to post the below photo. It didn’t come with any sort of caption, so it’s hard to know what Lohan is implying here, but some fans are already speculating that it could mean she’s snagged the role.

Frankly, we’re not so sure what to make of this. Like we just said, it could be a tease that she’ll be suiting up as Batgirl in the not too distant future, but we’d be very surprised if that turned out to be the case. After all, given the state that the DCEU is in at the moment, Warner Bros. needs this pic – along with the rest of their slate – to be a home run, and casting Lohan is hardly a way to ensure that.

In reality, this Tweet from the actress is probably just her having some fun with fans, and again showing people that she’s serious about wanting the role. Given that Joss Whedon’s already said he wants to cast an unknown, though, and the fact that the studio needs a proven leading lady to carry the pic, we don’t imagine Lohan is even going to get an audition. Then again, who knows?

Stranger things have happened, and if somehow, Lindsay Lohan does end up playing Batgirl, tell us, would you be alright with it? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts!