Lindsay Lohan Plans To Produce And Star In Inconceivable


Things have not exactly gone well for Lindsay Lohan over the past few years. Her stints in drug and alcohol rehab, public breakups, and criminal charges did nothing for her once-promising career. Neither did her appearances in Liz & Dick or The Canyons – whoever advised her that it was a good idea to appear in a Easton-Ellis scripted film with a porn star has hopefully been fired. But Lohan is still trying to revive her career, no matter how dead in the water it seems to be.

The actress recently made a public appearance at Sundance this week to announce her plans to produce and star in a new psychological thriller titled Inconceivable. The film is being produced by Emmett/Furla Films on a small budget of $5 million, so it makes sense that the company would make their announcement at an independent film festival. Lionsgate will distribute the film through Grindstone, but it will only screen in New York and Los Angeles before going to DVD/VOD. Unfortunately, no plot details are yet available, except that it’s a thriller. We hope that this does not mean a repeat of I Know Who Killed Me, but it’s difficult not to be a little concerned. 

Although everyone is a bit skeptical about anything that Lohan puts her name to nowadays, there’s always the hope that her career will turn around. She’s had a number of good roles in the past, though they have been marred by her very public private problems. It still makes me sad to recall that the adorable little girl in The Parent Trap is the same one constantly popping up on TMZ. If Inconceivable helps her get back on track though, then I hope it turns out well.

We will keep an eye out for details on Inconceivable as they become available but for now, tell us, is it too late for a career resurgence for the once promising actress?