Lindsay Lohan Is After A Role In Ben Affleck’s Live By The Night


Lindsay Lohan is all set to make a triumphant return.  She has The Canyons arriving this week as well as an upcoming eight episode series coming soon on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. It looks like she isn’t content with stopping there though as today we’re hearing that the actress may star in Ben Affleck’s Live By The Night.

Affleck is set to star in and direct the film, which is an adaptation of the novel by Dennis Lehane. The story is a Prohibition-era tale that takes place in Boston and focuses on Joe Coughlin, “the son of a cop who finds himself slipping into a life of organized crime.” Lohan is after the role of Emma, “the woman who gets between the two lead characters.”

While she is fresh out of rehab, I wouldn’t bank on Lohan just yet and I can’t see a major studio getting behind her either. Her checkered past is still very much in the minds of most and her behaviour is certainly unpredictable. I’m not saying that she won’t make a comeback and won’t once again be a Hollywood star, I just think that she should take baby steps first, before jumping into a high-profile project like Live By The Night. She needs to first prove to the industry that she is reliable and has overcome her troubles, before anyone can safely bet on her again.

That being said, Big Ben and Warner Bros. may still take the gamble on her, but I don’t think it would be the best choice.

What do you think? Should Lindsay Lohan star in Ben Affleck’s Live By The Night? Let us know in the comments below.