Here’s What The MCU’s Phase 4 Line-Up May Look Like


Following Avengers: Endgame, there’s a whole lot of speculation about what’s next for the MCU in Phase Four. As everything built up to the conclusion of the Infinity Saga and the last film of Phase Three, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel has been keeping quiet about what’s coming over the following few years. Obviously, we know they’re working on new projects like The Eternals and sequels like Captain Marvel 2, but there’s been no official release of the upcoming slate as of yet.

That hasn’t stopped industry insider John Campea from giving us his best shot at working out what Disney’s release schedule looks like though for Marvel movies up until 2022. All of the following dates have been confirmed to apply to the MCU, but the specific films that’ll drop on those dates are currently unknown. Based on how far the various projects are along the pre-production scale, however, here’s how Campea guesses the Phase Four slate will go:

May 1st 2020 – Black Widow

November 6th 2020 – Doctor Strange 2

February 12th 2021 – The Eternals

May 7th 2021 – Black Panther 2

November 5th 2021 – Shang Chi

February 18th 2022 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3

May 6th 2022 – Captain Marvel 2

July 29th 2022 – Avengers 5

The more recent dates seem like good bets, though Marvel appears to be busier grouping the cast for The Eternals together right now than it is Doctor Strange 2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming in early 2022 makes sense, too, as Gunn’s currently busy with DC’s The Suicide Squad. Though reports say it could go before cameras as soon as next year.

The only real sticking point from Campea’s speculative slate is Avengers 5 coming in 2022. Kevin Feige and his team have often played down talk of further Avengers flicks following Endgame. The emphasis going forward seems to be on more standalone entries into the franchise. Then again, we’ve previously reported that New Avengers movie is in the works, starring the younger generation of heroes. If that gets a move on soon, it could appear in theaters within the next few years.

In any case, Marvel’s likely to reveal their full slate for MCU Phase Four at San Diego Comic-Con in July, following Far From Home‘s release on July 2nd, so be sure to stay tuned.