First Reactions To The Lion King Call It A Visually-Stunning Game Changer


The first reactions to The Lion King remake are in, and they’re hugely positive. As with all of Disney’s live-action reboots, there’s been a mixed reception from fans in the run-up to its release, with many feeling that it’s unnecessary but others happy to bask in the nostalgia of one of their favorite animated movies getting reimagined. Going by these initial thoughts from those who saw an early screening of the film, though, it sounds like it’s a stunning watch.

First of all, step aside Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast – this might just be the best Disney remake yet.

As we predicted, the nostalgia apparently hits hard…

Critics also can’t emphasize enough how mind-blowing the visual effects are.

We can apparently expect mostly the same experience as the animated version, but with a few small enhancements.

Speaking of which, the trailers so far have brought up a discussion about whether having photorealistic animals would impact on the emotion of the film, and one reaction – which was otherwise very positive – did point out that this is a concern.

That said, The Lion King is apparently so “breathtaking” that your worries about whether it needed to happen won’t matter.

One things’s for sure. Folks really, really love Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen’s Timon and Pumbaa.

I’m not kidding. They apparently steal the whole show.

By the sounds of it, The Lion King remake is very much as advertised. It’s a nostalgic, loving redo of the original with the main draws being the talented cast – particularly, Eichner and Rogen, surprisingly – and the incredible visuals. No doubt fans will find something to complain about when it’s released in cinemas, but it sounds like Disney succeeded in doing exactly what they set out to with this one.

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