Lionsgate Taking Action Over The Expendables 3 Leak


If it hasn’t been made aware to you yet, you can illegally download The Expendables 3. Like, the whole movie and in perfect DVD quality. Now this isn’t something we are advocating you do – it is illegal after all – but the fact is, the movie is out there, and has been out there three weeks prior to its release. Needless to say, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Lionsgate is prepared to sue over the leak.

Just how did the movie leak? Apparently, screener copies of the film were given to 10 people. One of these people, for whatever reason, decided to upload the file to the Internet. These aforementioned 10 individuals are being targeted in retaliation. It is such a weird situation too; why would someone involved with the film want to sabotage its potential box office revenue? When one considers that the franchise is aimed at a niche demographic, an approach which rarely lends itself to gangbuster blockbuster takes, this movie could now end up as one of the biggest bombs of the year. Essentially, the studio has every right to be upset..

Lionsgate has requested that the 10 individuals given a private copy of the film turn it back over. Here’s where it gets weird though, or rather a case of the executive in charge of the lawsuit not understanding how the Internet works. They also want servers turned over to them that contain the film. Yeah… the Internet doesn’t work that way. Once something is out there, it’s out there. Unless Johnny Depp’s character from Transcendence successfully shuts down the Internet or something.

Again though, the most intriguing mystery is who would leak the film. Hell, maybe Bruce Willis was upset they wrote out his character instead of giving him a raise, so he stealthily invaded Lionsgate headquarters and stole a copy to upload it to the World Wide Web. On another note, that would certainly make for a unique plot for Die Hard 5.

Regardless, The Expendables 3 will be released in theaters on August 15th… or on your home entertainment system in a few hours if you’re a filthy pirate. Hey, we aren’t judging.

Source: Variety