Lionsgate To Distribute Kevin Smith’s Red State

According to Deadline, Lionsgate has decided to assist Kevin Smith in distributing his long gestating, scarcely seen film Red State. The film, which has only been shown 15 times in 15 separate theaters is the topic of hot debate, not only for its core story of political and religious extremity, but also for director Smith’s behavior regarding the wide release of the film.

When Kevin Smith decided not to hold press screenings for his film, it could have potentially paralyzed the chances for the film’s success. I for one always approach films that weren’t screened for critics with apprehension and trepidation, but there is something about this film that I find very intriguing.

I feel that Smith’s choice to withhold the film from critics isn’t one out of fear of scorn, but rather of scorn for said critics. In other words, he is sick and tired of adhering to the scientific method of film distribution.

Presumably, Lionsgate sees dollar signs as they and Smith’s production banner Smodcast intend to release the film across multiple platforms. The film will be released theatrically (to which Smodcast will hold all the rights), OnDemand, pay-per-view, and the like. I’m not sure if this is a desperate attempt to shell a sour film through as many conduits as possible, or if Smith is attaching himself to a more modern method of film distribution. Only time, and word of mouth, will truly tell.

The film follows a group of teenagers who are duped into meeting with a political extremist who they believe will offer them sexual pleasures. To their dismay, what they receive is far more grave in nature. I find the film, and the drama surrounding it, to be very compelling and I seriously can’t wait to see it.

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