Lionsgate Pushes Robin Hood: Origins To Accommodate Kingsman 2


The very moment up-and-coming actor Taron Egerton was tapped for Lionsgate’s Robin Hoods: Origins, it was almost inevitable that his casting would create a knock-on effect to Fox’s anticipated sequel Kingsman 2 – a film which he’s also a core part of. Fast forward to today and our early apprehensions have been confirmed, with the decision being made to prioritize Matthew Vaughn’s action follow-up ahead of the men in tights.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, with today’s news bringing to an end a duelling schedule that at one point appeared to threaten Egerton’s involvement in Kingsman 2, as Vaughn was allegedly ready to push ahead with or without the actor. Prior to Lionsgate’s reshuffling, Robin Hood: Origins had been slated to enter production in February of 2016, throwing a potential spanner in the works considering that Kingsman 2 was slotted for an April start.

In light of the potential clash, the studio has now postponed Origins until late summer, giving Egerton the time to make Kingsman 2 with Fox. Plot details are thin on the ground for the next installment, though Vaughn has hinted that he wants to shift the spy action across the pond, exploring an American version of the super-secret title organization.

On the other hand, Robin Hood: Origins is quietly making progress behind the scenes. Described as a gritty and revisionist take on the legendary story – aren’t they all? – last we reported on Otto Bathurst’s reboot, the studio had formed a shortlist for the lead female role, one which includes Eve Hewson, Gaite Jansen, Australian actress Lucy Fry and British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Anyways, the dust has now settled: Matthew Vaughn’s US-centric Kinsgman 2 will proceed as planned when it enters production in April of 2016, before Taron Egerton makes tracks for Sherwood Forest for Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins.