Lionsgate May Reboot The Saw Franchise

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate may not be done with the Saw franchise just yet. Despite what the subtitle for Saw VII was (in case you forget, it was subtitled The Final Chapter), we may be getting yet another film in the once great and now horrid series.

Truthfully, I never believed the studio in the first place. How could they let a cash cow like this come to an end? The films are relatively cheap to make and they still earn quite a bit at the box office, despite being absolute trash.

Yes, Saw, Saw II and maybe even Saw III were good films, but after that things just went way down. Now, the studio is looking to reboot the franchise, or as Bloody Disgusting tells us, “Lionsgate is tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise, although an eighth film isn’t out of the cards.”

I used to be a pretty big fan of this series and though the quality definitely took a turn for the worst with the last couple instalments, I was still in theatres every Halloween to watch the latest offering.

A reboot may or may not work, but in my opinion, I think they need to hold off at least a couple more years. I’m not totally opposed to the idea but what I am against is an eighth film, that would just be awful and there’s no way it would work out well. A reboot though, that could work, granted they just give us some more time to digest the current offerings.

Either way, get ready folks, Jigsaw will return!

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