Lionsgate Summons An Adaptation Of The Monolith


Something big this way comes, and it is an entirely new adaptation of a DC comic book property. Lionsgate has lined up the project, which will bring The Monolith to movie theatres – having enjoyed a 12 issue run between 2004 and 2005. Created by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, the plot is a variation on the idea of the Golem – a legendary, destructive aberration made of clay.

The movie will mark the feature film debut of director Dave Wilson and writer Barnett Brettler. Despite his big screen inexperience, the name of Dave Wilson brings with it some weight, as his day job is in the role of creative director at Blur Studios. Blur is the brainchild of Tim Miller – director of box office hit, Deadpool.

The plot of the graphic novel series sees former addict Alice Cohen receive news that she has been bequeathed an old Brooklyn house by her late Grandmother. In it, she finds a diary that details a monster created decades ago, which is hellbent on revenge. In the course of events, Alice connects with the creature and determines that it should be a force for good, rather than destruction.

Apart from the obvious appeal of a comic book film that departs from the overwhelming pace of the dominant Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, this project has the added benefit of an excellent female character as the lead. While The Monolith is clearly the titular character, it is Alice that initiates the action and keeps the plot moving forward – which is something to look forward to.

Source: THR