Here’s A List Of The Year’s Biggest Cinematic Flops

Even though the people who made the floppiest movies of the year have probably had a hard enough time as it is, what with all that money they lost and the negative comments they’ve received from random passersby who had nasty things to say and sharp objects to throw, Forbes’ list of the biggest flops of the year has emerged to make them feel that little bit worse. There aren’t too many surprises to be had, although we were sure that The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure was going to do so much better. Oh, well, audiences these days, you can’t tell ’em anything.

You can check out the list below:

1. The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure (Box office: $1 million / Budget: $20 million)
2. A Thousand Words (Box office: $20 million / Budget: $40 million)
3. Dredd (Box office: $28 million / Budget: $50 million) 
4. Big Miracle (Box office: $25 million / Budget: $40 million) 
5. Wanderlust (Box office: $21 million/ Budget: $30 million) 
6. Rock Of Ages (Box office: $56 million / Budget: $74 million) 
7. People Like Us (Box office: $12 million / Budget: $16 million) 
8. That’s My Boy (Box office: $57 million / Budget: $70 million) 
9. Premium Rush (Box office: $29 million / Budget: $35 million) 
10. Red Tails (Box office: $50 million / Budget: $58 million)

No Cloud Atlas? No John Carter? No Battleship? Those films, all of which were heavily slated in the media for the apparently “colossal” nature of their flops, are nowhere to be seen.

It’s a shame that Dredd didn’t prove to be a huge financial success, as that pretty much spells death for any future franchising of said character. And apparently Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston aren’t as funny as we thought they were, given that Wunderlust lost $9 million at the box office. And Red Tails seemingly crashed and burned, which at least means that George Lucas can finally feel what it’s like to lose some money – even if it is a measly $8 million.

Surprised by any of these results? Do you like any of the flops?

Source: The A.V. Club

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