Bear McCreary To Score Child’s Play Reboot, Here’s A Preview


The Child’s Play reboot began life under a cloud, with longtime fans of the series dismayed that the film discards the mythos of the series in favor of a new approach. Creator Don Mancini criticizing the project, feeling that it steps on the toes of his own in-development Child’s Play TV show, was enough to put off most fans. Those bad feelings were further cemented when it was confirmed that Brad Dourif wouldn’t be doing the voice of Chucky, and again when we got our first glimpse of his new design.

But, as the June release date ticks closer, things have started to look a bit more positive. For one, the new trailer was actually pretty good, and then they announced that none other than Mark Hamill would be voicing Chucky. Alright MGM, you’ve got my attention.

Now, the studio has released a clip from Bear McCreary’s score. You’ll know McCreary from his work on The Walking Dead and God Of War, but he’s also composed horror scores for 10 Cloverfield Lane, Happy Death Day, Hell Fest and will soon be heard on the very promising-looking Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

You can check out a preview of his work on the upcoming reboot below and see what you think:

I dig it. McCreary really knows his horror and it sounds like he’s holding nothing back here.

Fair play to the creative team on this, too. I’ve gone from planning to skip the new Child’s Play to being actively interested in how it’ll turn out. After all, I’ve long had a soft-spot for Chucky, as these were some of the first adult horror films my friends and I managed to get our hands on as kids. I’ve always thought they were a cut above most B-movie fare, too, so right now, as far as I’m concerned, there’s more than enough room for two versions of Chucky in my life.

Source: Twitter