Listen to Neil Finn’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Credits Song

Back when The Lord of the Rings movies were, like, the biggest things ever, we were treated to end credits music by both Enya, Annie Lennox and what I presume was a small boy with an extremely high voice. For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, director Peter Jackson has gone with Neil Finn of Crowded House fame. So what did they come up with? “The Song Of The Lonely Mountain”, and you can listen to the track over at Rolling Stone.

Here’s what Finn had to say on the origins of the song:

“The Song Of The Lonely Mountain was developed from a dark and mysterious theme which the dwarves sing early in the movie. After some days of mining underground (actually, in Peter’s office) I emerged with the song, then set about recording it with my sons Elroy and Liam. Dave Fridmann came in at the end with a bold mix. He seemed to respond well to my demands for ‘more anvil!’ Pop music needs more anvil!”

He’s right. You really can’t get enough anvil. What do you make of the tune, anyhow? Not bad at all, we think.

Bilbo Baggins begins his journey to the Misty Mountains on December 14th 2013.

Source: Empire

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