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Little known Australian horror flick slashes its way into hearts of viewers

#SissyMovie is popping off with horror fans.

Image: Shudder

Australia has made a name for itself in horror for its suitably outlandish and bloody tales, often cementing themselves in the nation’s very real isolation from the rest of the world.

There have been several big hits from the antipodean cinema with the likes of Wolf Creek and Wyrmwood, but a new satirical horror film Sissy is currently feasting as the world turns its eyes to the smart slasher flick. The Shudder original had screenings at both SXSW and the Sydney Film Festival but is now a streaming hit.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a movie that paints influencers in a negative light, this is absolutely for you.

Cecilia was bullied out of being best friends with a girl as a child, and an incident has remained stark in her, and other people’s memories of her. All grown up and now an influencer, Cecilia runs into her old childhood best friend who is shocked to findout she now has a massive online following.

Invited to her childhood friend’s wedding, things don’t go as planned at all as it descends into bloodshed and chaos. Incredibly smart and immensely gory, the film follows in the same vein as Wolf Creek for brutality, but with the biting satire, you’d expect from an Onion article. Influencers, you will not enjoy this scathing take on your life.

Lead star Aisha Dee was previously only known to audiences for a role on the children’s show The Saddle Club, so stepping into horror could give her a huge notoriety boost with exceptional performance.

The best comparisons to audiences overseas would be Friday the 13th-level kills with some sinisterly funny writing. Somewhere between a revenge tale and comedy, there’s such a charisma to it. Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes, this is a movie well-worth a watch.

Sissy is currently available to stream on Shudder, and is on a limited theatrical run in Australia.

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