Lives Are At Stake In New Clips And Photos From The Fifth Estate

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The Fifth Estate kicked off the Toronto International Film Festival last week and surprisingly, it didn’t receive the type of reception that I expected it to. I saw an unfinished cut of the film about a month ago and loved it. Unfortunately, our very own Sam Woolf didn’t feel the same way, and neither did most critics.

That’s not to say that The Fifth Estate is a bad film, not at all. It’s receiving mediocre reviews and most can agree that the two lead performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl are excellent. It just isn’t causing as big a stir as say Gravity or 12 Years a Slave, two films which are heading into their theatrical release with an incredible amount of buzz. But I digress. Like I said, I really enjoyed the film and am excited for it to hit theatres and to see what the rest of the world thinks of it.

On that note, what we have here for you today is two new clips and several new photos from the film, which can be seen below. One of the clips shows off an exchange between Cumberbatch and Bruhl, showcasing the issues that will ultimately tear their characters apart. The second clips gives us a look at the kind of stir that Assange is causing in governments around the world, due to the information that he is leaking.

The Fifth Estate will arrive in theatres on October 18th. Will you be seeing it? Let us know in the comments below.