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‘Living’ could spell Oscar gold for laid-back ‘Love Actually’ star

This star has their eyes on some Academy gold.

Bill Nighy Venice Film Festival
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Years ago, the film Love Actually featured a murderers row of talent. Several have since gone on to greater industry acclaim, and now, film star Bill Nighy (who played Billy Mack in the 2003 piece) may earn an Oscar and he is a bit relaxed about the notion.

The 72-year-old reveals the sentiment today in a new Variety article published around his new film Living. In the piece, Nighy plays a civil servant dealing with the end of his life in 1953. It has earned him some of the best praise of his career, distributor Sony Pictures Classics is campaigning for it to be recognized, but, right now, Nighy says he really is not focused on it at all.

“I don’t get out much, so I haven’t really heard anything about it. I’m not being cute, I assure you.”

In spite of his Jeff Bridges-like contentment, Nighy follows up these remarks by saying it would be major to be recognized by the Academy, but, ultimately, his goal as an entertainer is to get audiences to go out and see what he, co-stars and crew have produced.

“If the film were honored in that way, it would be absolutely marvelous. I want people to watch it. If the Academy were to decide to nominate us in any way, it would be an enormous thing for us.”

Living currently has a 95 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. No wide release date appears set yet for it as of filing. After this, Nighy will appear next in Role Play. This project is presently filming and is said to be a thriller, though the plot is unknown. Previous work from the actor includes Detective Pikachu in 2019 and being Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. On television he has appeared in Doctor Who, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Red Nose Day Actually and Horizon in addition.

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